Jenny Reid

First Impressions

Right off the bat I’m entranced by Jenny Reid’s exceptional beauty. She has a little bit of Asian blood in her and it has helped create one of the most beautiful teen models the web has ever seen. She has a slim waist and a small pair of breasts that fit her frame perfectly. Her hair is long and luxurious and she always knows how to style it perfectly to fit whatever look she’s going for. There are also some very sexy pictures show on the tour that have me very eager to get inside and explore the member’s area fully.

Hot Promises

Jenny just turned 18 and she’s always dreamed about being model. Unfortunately, she’s too short to walk the runways so she decided to launch her own website to feed the modeling bug. The free tour begins with small images from the latest updates, which also has the effect of letting you know that the site is still updated regularly. Browse through all the pages of the tour and you’ll see a number of the amazing pictures that Jenny has prepared for you inside the member’s area. You’ll also see that she’s a non nude model. I don’t think that’s going to be an issue for me though, considering how sexy she is.


The member’s area is pretty simple as they list the most recent updates and the four bonus sites that come with your membership. Other than that you’ll find links to the pictures, videos, diary and friends section. I like that they chose to keep the area free of advertisements and busyness in the design. It makes it far more appealing. Jenny is quite diligent about updating her site, adding something new at least once a week and usually more often than that.

She’s missed the last few updates due to a loss of her internet connection, but there’s no reason to believe the site won’t continue to be updated regularly in the coming months and years. There are 72 picture galleries at JennyReid as of July 2, 2007 and each is a pleasure to browse through. Jenny is so loaded with sex appeal that she wouldn’t need to put much effort into her content for it to be exciting. Thankfully she takes the experience of building a website seriously and puts quite a bit of effort into each picture gallery and video.

Jenny is only 18 years old and as such she works the teen look in her member’s area. Most often you’ll see her posing in a t-shirt or tank top and a pair of jeans or a short skirt. When she gets down to her underwear it’s often made from cotton. She has a sizable collection of thongs though, so there’s plenty of ass to be enjoyed. Most galleries have 50-250 images each and are well organized over multiple pages. The thumbnails are just the right size, although they’re square so some of the image gets cut off to fit the dimensions properly.

One of the inherent problems in building a non nude site is that there’s not much for the model to do in her picture galleries. If she’s not going to strip her clothes off there are only so many poses she can strike. That problem is evident at JennyReid as you’ll see many pictures that look utterly similar. This is only a minor bother to me, but others might find it a large problem. The images themselves are high resolution and crystal clear; a skilled photographer works with Jenny and takes very good pictures.

If you prefer to browse your galleries hands off then you can queue up the slideshow and have the server do the work for you. The slideshow is interesting because it allows you to customize the size of the images in six different ways. If you have an unusually large or small screen resolution you’ll find that handy. Despite the lack of any nudity at JennyReid and the repetitive nature of some of the picture galleries I still find the picture galleries to be a turn on. This is due entirely to the fact that Jenny is singularly beautiful. You simply don’t see many girls like her.

The two galleries that I enjoyed the most are slight departures from most of her work, which is probably why I enjoyed them so much. The first features Jenny working a schoolgirl look as she poses in a gingham dress with black knee high stockings. She’s wearing white satin panties underneath the dress and it completes the look in a way you have to see to believe. The second gallery is one of the rare lingerie sets on the site. Jenny’s posing in black and pink ruffled halter bra, a sheer black skirt, and a sexy black thong. There are more than 200 images to the gallery, so there’s a lot to enjoy.

There are 29 videos for you to download at JennyReid and they provide quite a bit of entertainment. A new video hasn’t been added in two months but before that she was adding one every week. It’s impossible to tell whether or not the regular update schedule will be resumed, so I would assume that 29 is all you’re getting. The videos have been shot separately from the picture galleries, so you’ll be saved from having to watch Jenny stand still while she poses for photos.

Instead you’ll get to watch as she runs her hands all over her beautiful body, shakes her ass for the camera, and teasingly strips from certain outfits. Once again she declines to reveal much of her body, but Jenny is a fabulous beauty and as with the picture galleries that is all that’s needed to create a great video. What I enjoy most about the videos is that you’ll get to see some of the sexier outfits from the picture galleries make an appearance in live action.

The videos are available in WMV and while the resolution could be higher the quality is generally good. A few of the scenes look poorly lit but aside from that everything is good. The biggest drawback is that they offer no screencaps or descriptions for each scene. This leaves you guessing as to the content and can be frustrating. In one case the preview image is a close up on Jenny’s ass. That’s nice, but it does very little to indicate what we might see in the video, other than a butt. Still, each file is small enough that it’s not a huge issue.

Once you’ve exhausted the pictures and videos you’ll want to point your browser to the friends section. There you’ll find 17 galleries starring some of the web’s hottest solo models. The galleries are pretty small, but it’s nice to get some additional flavor in case you’re looking to expand the sites you belong to. The most notable content addition is the four bonus sites that come free with your membership. The sites are: Lovely Tera, Lovely Anne, Lovely Irene, and Erica’s Fantasies. All four girls are good looking and worth spending some time with. The content across all four sites will more than triple what you get at JennyReid alone. Make sure you check them out when considering whether or not to join to see if you’re into any of them.

Croco’s Opinion

Jenny Reid is one of the most beautiful solo models on the web and her site is a rich repository of pictures and videos. She has a wonderful body to go with her flawless face and you’ll see almost every inch of it, with the exception of her breasts and private region. Even with those exceptions her content is world class. There are more than 70 picture galleries and 25 videos to enjoy, plus four full fledged bonus sites starring gorgeous young models. JennyReid is well worth the membership fee.


The site design is simple enough that browsing the picture and video categories is a breeze. The square thumbnails are slightly annoying and the video pages need more information, but those are minor complaints.

Pricing Policy

You can pay by credit card or phone. Credit card access is $29.95 for the first 30 days and $29.95 recurring after that. By phone it’s $29.95 non recurring.

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